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Amado Carreras Sureda

Amado Carreras Sureda

Maître Assistant

+41 22 379 53 68

Amado is a cell biologist interested in intracellular ionic movements, metabolism and protein synthesis applied to immunology and neuro-muscular interphases. 

He obtained his Biology and Master degree at the University Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona where he also performed his Ph.D.  in the Molecular Physiology and Channelopathies lab. He worked on how a protein known as ORMDL3 affected T cell activation and intracellular calcium homeostasis. After, he did a postdoc in the lab of Prof. Claudio Hetz, USA, granted by the FONDECYT program, where he studied how the ER stress transducer IRE1 modulated mitochondrial biology, focusing on ER and mitochondria contact sites. He came back to Europe on 2019, where he currently works as a Junior lecturer in the University of Geneva in the laboratory of Prof. Nicolas Demaurex.

He intends to dedicate his scientific career to the study of ER proteostasis and mitochondrial function, specifically interorganellar ionic and metabolic communication and how this impacts cellular adaptation to stress environments in the context of neuro-muscular and immune system pathologies.

He is currently working on two main projects, one to target mitochondrial calcium homeostasis during ALS (Sir Jules Thorn) and the other to understand how to exploit s-acylation of ORAI and STIM proteins during tubular aggregate myopathies (TAM) (FSRMM). 


Study of ER-mito and ER-PM ion channel function (high calcium in red) in the context of motoneuronal diseases like ALS and TAM

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