A captivating seminar from Pr. Henriette Uhlenhaut

On Tuesday 24th of January 2023, Pr Henriette UHLENHAUT, Technical University of Munich and Helmholz Centre, Germany, invited by Pr. Charna DIBNER has given a captivating lecture with a title slightly adapted to correspond to her latest findings “The orphan receptors TR2 and TR4 in hepatic metabolism”.

She presented new insights on the role played by two nuclear receptors, TR4 and TR2, on liver metabolism, with a focus on the metabolic pathways they control.

More generally, her research focuses on investigating gene regulatory mechanisms that mediate hormone responses. Latest genome-wide techniques are combined with preclinical models to find new therapeutic approaches for metabolic or inflammatory diseases (e.g. diabetes, asthma). For more details, see her website.




16 Jan 2023