A winner of the PhD Booster 2020

Discover one of the five winners of the second edition of the Booster project, Ida Calvi

After a successful first edition, in which all laureates received grants ranging between CHF 15'000 and CHF 50'000, would Ida Calvi obtain funds to support her research and her career?



Cell polarity: the order matters

With her project entitled "Cell polarity: the order matters", Ida Calvi, PhD student in the laboratory of Prof. Monica Gottahas won the highly competitive Booster contest.

Revealing how the polarity of cells is regulated is crucial to better understand its impact on a multitude of biological processes and how its dysfunction is implicated in diseases. Her goal is to understand how the polarisation of cells is regulated in space and time in the embryos of a small worm called C. elegans. To do this, she is studying the function and regulation of PAR-3, one of the main proteins that initiate and direct this mechanism. This process is found in many living organisms, and her work will also help to better understand polarization in human cells.


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16 Oct 2020