Tribute to Pr Michelangelo Foti

After studying biochemistry at the University of Geneva, Michelangelo Foti obtained a doctorate in science in 1996 for his work on the biology of HIV cell receptors. In 1999, he undertook a post-doctoral stay at the University of San Diego, during which he acquired expertise in electron microscopy. Building on this experience, he joined the UNIGE Faculty of Medicine in 2001, where he developed a research axis in the field of metabolic diseases and cancers associated with obesity. He has become a leading researcher recognised by his peers in the field of non-alcoholic steatotic liver disease and its progression to hepatocellular carcinoma.  He is also a member of the Faculty Centres for Diabetes and Translational Research in Onco-Haematology.
On an academic level, Michelangelo Foti was appointed Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine in 2010, then Associate Professor in the Department of Cell Physiology and Metabolism in 2012, and finally Full Professor in 2021. He was also academic head of the Ultrastructural Microscopy Department. Very involved in teaching, which was a fundamental responsibility for him, he was in charge of the "Digestion and Metabolism" unit in the 2nd year of medicine.

Also very active in the university life, Michelangelo Foti has been a member of the Participatory Council of the Faculty of Medicine since 2005, and held the position of Director of the Department of Cell Physiology and Metabolism from 2018 to 2022. In 2023, Michelangelo Foti was elected Chairman of the Section of Basic Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine. His priorities over the last few months have been to think about how to improve teaching, and to work towards equity in the allocation of resources for research laboratories.
Michelangelo Foti was a positive and honest person, esteemed and appreciated by his colleagues for his personal qualities of frankness and good humour, but also for his deep respect for democracy, his ability to listen and the transparency of his actions. Enthusiastic about everything and full of energy, he left us far too soon, leaving a huge void in the lives of his family, friends and colleagues, all of whom were shocked by his untimely departure. We will cherish the memory of his love of life and his sincere friendship.

Michelangelo Foti died on 11 December 2023.


21 Dec 2023