PhD defence of Mr Axel Tollance

On January 25 2021 , Mr Axel Tollance successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Determination of the Quiescence and Activation Mechanisms of Primary Human Muscle Stem Cells". His thesis was conducted under the direction of Prof. Maud Frieden from the Department of Cell physiology and metabolism.


Muscle regeneration is a process happening during the whole life of the human being, mostly relying on muscle stem cells. The mechanisms of activation of human muscle stem cells, together with the return into quiescence of myoblasts remain elusive. In his PhD thesis, Axel Tollance used an in vitro model to better characterize these processes, with particular attention to the potential involvement of Ca2+ signals.


Axel Tollance will now complete an ongoing project in the laboratory of Prof. Maud Frieden, before seeking new opportunities in the world of industry.





25 Jan 2022