LS2 Highlights: Lelio Orci Award, PHYM-sponsored poster prize and PHYM member Paula Nunes-Hasler wins prize.


This past Feb 2-3rd, 2017, at the Annual Meeting of the LS2, where member and affiliate Swiss Societies for research in the biological sciences get together to share their research, network and listen to some great talks, the PHYM Department played a central role.

Dr. Paula Nunes-Hasler, Maître-Assistante in the Demaurex group was amongst the 6 out of 72 applicants selected to give a presentation in the “Tomorrow’s PI” contest and was awarded the Audience Vote Prize for her presentation entitled “Networking within the cell: membrane contact sites as signalling hubs in regulating immune cell function”. There, she outlined her past, present and future research centred on deciphering mechanisms that regulate the process through which cells engulf bacteria and present antigens, called phagocytosis.

The Lelio Orci Award, sponsored by and bearing the name of the PHYM Department’s famous Professor Emeritus, and presented by Professor Pierre Cosson was conferred to Dr. Markus Aebi from the ETH Zurich for his seminal work on the protein sequence determinant of N-glycosylation.

Professor Monica Gotta, expert on mitosis and asymmetric cell division, chaired a Molecular and Cellular Biosciences session entitled "From cell biology to single molecules" where intracellular mechanical forces took the front stage.

Finally, the PHYM Department sponsored the Poster Prize in Physiology, presented by the LS2 Physiology Section president, Professor Nicolas Demaurex  which went to Ph.D. student Erika Tarasco, from the lab of Professor Thomas Lutz, University of Zurich, for her work entitled “Effect of Roux-en Y gastric bypass in ApoE*3Leiden.CETP mice”.




































17 Feb 2017