May 5: seminar from Prof. Tommaso Patriarchi

On Thursday 5th of May, Prof. Tommaso PATRIARCHI, Institute of pharmacology and toxicology, University of Zurich, invited by Prof. Miriam STOEBER, will give a conference entitled “New tools for in vivo imaging of neuromodulator dynamics”.

The conference will take place on Thursday 5th of May at 11am in the auditorium Paul Boymond B02.2226 & via Zoom.


His laboratory is interested in continuing the optimization and expansion of neurotechnology tools, to shine a new light on the in vivo dynamics of diverse neuromodulatory molecules involved in neural communication. Their goal is to reveal previously hidden aspects of neural communication in intact living animals. Because of the central pharmacological relevance of membrane receptors such as GPCRs to human diseases, they also plan to utilize these novel sensors to bring a new boost to drug development efforts.

For more details, see his website.


28 Apr 2022