PhD defence of Mr Aureliano Stingi

Last November 19th, Mr Aureliano Stingi defended brilliantly via Zoom his PhD thesis on Investigating the mitotic role of Retinoblastoma protein and its impact on chromosomal instability. His thesis was conducted under the direction of Prof. Patrick MERALDI from the Department of Cell physiology and metabolism.

The retinoblastoma protein, abbreviated pRb, is a protein dysfunctional in many cancers. Aureliano Stingi has explored the impact of pRB loss on cell division and its role in genomic instability. His experiments suggest that the genomic instability caused by pRB absence might be due to a deficiency in the system repairing errors.

Aureliano Stingi is now applying to some investment funds and would like to pursue a career in finance in healthcare.


12 Nov 2020