PhD defence of Mrs Marta Ripamonti

Last September 28th at 2pm, Mrs Marta Ripamonti defended brilliantly via Zoom her PhD thesis on Molecular Insights into the Mechanism and Dynamics of Paxillin Binding to Focal Adhesions by Fluorescence Imaging Approaches. Her thesis was conducted under the direction of Prof. Bernhard WEHRLE-HALLER from the Department of Cell physiology and metabolism.

Focal adhesions are large, dynamic protein complexes through which the cytoskeleton of a cell connects to the extracellular matrix. Marta's work focuses on the interaction between focal adhesions and paxillin, a protein whose abnormal expression is implicated in the progression of various cancers.

Marta Ripamonti will soon join the laboratory of Prof. Ivan de Curtis at the San Raffaele Institute in Milan.


21 Sept 2020