PHYM Students shine at the Swiss Physio

Combined Stacks-1.jpgThis past Tues Sept 5th 2017, during the annual meeting of the LS2 Physiology Section in Bern, two PHYM students won Young Investigator awards.

The second place for best talk went to Ph.D student Aderonke Sofoluwe from the group of Prof. Marc Chanson for her excellent presentation entitled “Reducing NETosis by targeting Pannexin1 channels”.

The best poster award went to Christopher Henry from the group of Prof. Nicolas Demaurex for his outstanding poster entitled “Does the architecture of the endoplasmic reticulum alter the propagation of cytosolic Ca2+ signals and the efficiency of Ca2+ store refilling during store-operated calcium entry?”. Christopher has been on a winning streak this summer, as he additionally won the talk prize sponsored by Nikon at the international 6th Bioimaging Workshop Copenhagen.

Well done PHYM students!























Posted by: P. Nunes-Hasler

16 Sept 2017