Prof. Maechler receives prize for research on diabetes

Prof. Maechler was recently awarded the prestigious 2015 Prize for diabetes-related research from the Fondation Romande pour la recherche sur le diabète, for a project aimed at identifying the mechanisms underlying the loss of insulin production in the context of obesity.

Each year, during the Romande Diabetes Day (Journée Romande du Diabète), the foundation awards a prize to one or more research projects that are judged as particularly outstanding by an independent jury.  

The goal of the project proposed by Prof. Maechler is to investigate whether there is a link between the activation of fatty acid receptors and the dysfunction of pancreatic beta cells exposed to free fatty acids. The knowledge gained by this study could open new avenues for therapeutic approaches aimed at protecting insulin-producing cells in obese patients.









Posted by: P. Nunes

26 Nov 2015