ISREC honours an affiliate

Each year, the ISREC Cancer Research Foundation awards more than CHF 3 million as part of its TANDEM collaborative funding programme. This year, 3 of the 6 award-winning research teams are conducting their work at the UNIGE and the HUG.

Charna Dibner, affiliated to the Department of Cell Physiology and Metabolism, in collaboration with Alfredo Addeo and Wolfram Karenovics, will study the influence of human circadian rhythms on lung cancer.

The other two UNIGE teams will be working on new immunotherapies for glioblastoma and analysing the transcriptome of certain particularly aggressive ovarian cancers in order to gain a better understanding of the resistance mechanisms involved.


Photos UNIGE/HUG. From left to right: Denis Migliorini, Charna Dibner, Alfredo Addeo, Inthidar Labidi-Galy et Wolfram Karenovics

25 Sept 2023