We use state-of-the art peptide synthesis technology [e.g. Peigneur et al. (2014) JBC 289:35341-50, Pagano et al. (2015) PLoS One 10:e0132780]to reliably produce target structures up to 100 amino acid residues in length, i.e. significantly larger than the size range typically proposed by peptide suppliers.


We can also produce arrays of synthetic peptides on plates (up to 384 per run) using multiwell peptide synthesizer.


Synthetic peptides can be engineered to incorporate user-defined features such as phosphoserine, phosphotyrosine, acetyl lysine, chemical fluorchromes, biotin, helix staples, and non-natural amino acids.

 Synthesis scale and purity can be adapted to user’s needs.

 For further information, please contact Oliver Hartley or Marianne Paolini-Bertrand.