What we do

We use state-of-the art peptide synthesis technology [e.g. Peigneur et al. (2014) JBC 289:35341-50, Pagano et al. (2015) PLoS One 10:e0132780]to reliably produce target structures up to 100 amino acid residues in length, i.e. significantly larger than the size range typically proposed by peptide suppliers (


We can also produce arrays of synthetic peptides on plates (up to 384 per run) using multiwell peptide synthesizer.


Synthetic peptides can be engineered to incorporate user-defined features such as phosphoserine, phosphotyrosine, acetyl lysine, chemical fluorchromes, biotin, helix staples, and non-natural amino acids.

 Synthesis scale and purity can be adapted to user’s needs.

 For further information, please contact Oliver Hartley or Marianne Paolini-Bertrand.


We propose production of peptides and small proteins of up to 100 amino acids by cutting edge chemical synthesis approaches.

Peptides can be engineered to stabilize 3-D structure as well as site-specifically incorporate non-coded structures including fluorochromes and amino acids carrying post-translational modifications.

Peptide discovery programs using a combination of phage display technology (libraries >106 in size) and multiplex peptide synthesis are also offered.