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[222] KIMlab (Knowledge in Motion laboratory)

HI5lab: Health Informatics for Innovation, Integration, Implementation and Impact

At the core of the development of digital health, biomedical informatics plays a key role in the implementation, integration and evaluation of innovative digital methods and tools. The HI5lab (Health Informatics for Innovation, Integration, Implementation and Impact) aims at connecting these multiple dimensions with the ultimate ambition to demonstrate the impact of eHealth on the health of individuals and populations. The HI5lab is located at Campus Biotech, connected to the various expertise domains such as global health, medical information science, citizen cyberscience, bioinformatics, affective and cognitive sciences. It is also connected to global actors such as WHO, ITU, various UN agencies and NGOs from the International Geneva.

Each of the five I’s reflects a core activity of the lab:

  1. Informatics: make sense of information and enable its processing by computers
  2. Innovation: foster innovation through participative processes, enabled by digital tools
  3. Integration: assemble competencies, enable connections and interoperability between the various tools of a system
  4. Implementation: organize and deploy human, hardware and software systems to improve health and healthcare
  5. Impact: develop methods for the evaluation of the impact of digital tools for health and healthcare

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