Research groups

[610] Interfaces Homme-Machine en milieu clinique

Sciences de l’information médicale

Information sciences

  • Care processes
    Developing a process-based approach to care at HUG
  • Help with decision-making
    Developing an aid to decision-making in the HUG clinical information system
  • Knowledge management
    Developing a knowledge management culture at HUG
  • Standards for hospital information systems
    Developing the use of standards in the HUG hospital information system

Center of expertise

  • Internal expertise
    Supporting the development and use of the information system at HUG
  • National and international representation
    Promoting the image of HUG in this field
  • Developing a profit center in this field
    Use the discoveries and expertise available in this field at HUG to generate income

Research, Development and Education

  • Innovative research and development
    Developing innovative approaches in this field
  • Training and Education
    Developing training and education