Christian Lüscher

Camilla Bellone


Christian Lüscher, a trained neurologist, is a Full Professor at the Department of Basic Neurosciences at UNIGE, and also works as a physician at the Neurology Service of HUG. His research focuses on exploring the brain circuits involved in addiction disorders, particularly investigating the mechanisms of motivated behavior.

Christian Lüscher's groundbreaking work has been recognized with numerous awards for their significant contributions in the field of addictions. His studies have revealed how certain addictive substances, such as cocaine, alter synaptic plasticity and affect the neural circuits of the reward system. Driven by a passion for technological advancements, he has been a pioneer in utilizing optogenetics and deep brain stimulation in his research to identify therapeutic approaches against drug addiction. Within the scope of Synapsy, he aims to extend his research to address food disorders.



Identifying the brain circuits of feeding to help individuals control their weight

The research project led by Christian Lüscher's team aims to achieve concrete results in understanding the neural circuits of feeding and weight regulation. Their objective is to determine the role of dopamine receptor D1-expressing neurons in the initiation and regulation of feeding in the lateral hypothalamus. Additionally, they plan to investigate the adaptation of these signaling pathways in the nucleus accumbens in response to food intake. Their research will provide a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of food addiction, paving the way for new therapeutic approaches to address eating-related disorders.