Denis Jabaudon

Denis Jabaudon

Denis Jabaudon is the Director of the Department of Basic Neurosciences and Faculty Advisor of the Human Cellular Neuroscience Platform at the University of Geneva. His research team is studying how different types of neurons are genetically programmed during development to assemble into circuits, and how these processes areimpaired in neurodevelopmental disorders.

In his practice as a neurologist at Geneva University Hospital, Denis Jabaudon regularly sees patients whose symptoms are the result of slowly progressive processes, sometimes having started invisibly in childhood or even during embryonic growth. Through his research within the Synapsy Center, he hopes to pinpoint the genes and cellular abnormalities that underlie some of these disorders in order to develop intervention strategies before symptoms appear.



Developing Brain Organoïd Technique for Mental Disorders

Denis Jabaudon’s main Synapsy-related research project consists on developing an approach called cerebral organoids –brain in-a-dish–, which allows to decipher and recapitulate human brain development in 3D in vitro. This approach is ultimately aimed at developing personalized medicine technologies that can protect or repair brain circuits in neurodevelopmental diseases such as schizophrenia or autism.

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