Denis Jabaudon, Cloëtta Prize winner 2017



Denis Jabaudon, Professor in the Department of Fundamental Neurosciences at the Faculty of Medicine, is awarded one of the two scientific prizes awarded each year by the Cloëtta Foundation.

Neurologist and neuroscientist Denis Jabaudon is interested in the interactions between genetic mechanisms and the environment in the development of brain connectivity. The Cloëtta Prize rewards his particularly innovative research.

In particular, he has developed a new technology that allows us to visualize the birth of neurons in the brain live. This discovery, which was published in the prestigious journal Science, not only allows us to understand the development of our brain, but also potentially uses this code to reconstruct neurons from stem cells. Understanding these developmental mechanisms finally makes it possible to understand the causes of neurodevelopmental diseases such as autism or schizophrenia.

Author : UNIGE, Département Communication >
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22 May 2017