Leenaards Foundation 2023 Science Prize – Cerebellar stimulation can address the negative symptoms of schizophrenia

The Science 2023 Prize of the Leenaard Foundation will be awarded to three winners, including the project "Cerebellar stimulation can address the negative symptoms of schizophrenia" led by Dr Indrit Bègue (HUG-UNIGE), alongside Prof. Camilla Bellone (UNIGE) and Dr Jonas Richiardi (CHUV).

This scientific prize will be awarded during the Rendez-vous sciences & santé Leenaards, on Thursday 23 March, from 6 pm, at the AGORA building, on the CHUV hospital campus, in Lausanne. This event is open to all, on registration:

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S’attaquer aux symptômes négatifs de la schizophrénie via le cervelet / Prix scientifique Leenaards 2023 from Fondation Leenaards on Vimeo.

3 Mar 2023