Kayla Coppens

Mrs Kayla Coppens

PhD student

+41 22 379 03 28

PhD student and co-founder of aneco, I am engaged in decentralized and ecological wastewater treatment and the valorization of recovered resources. My research project is with both the Department F.-A. Forel for environmental and aquatic sciences (Environmental Physical Chemistry and Environmental Microbiology groups) and the Department for Environmental Governance and Territorial Development.

Specifically, I am studying the viability of vermifiltration for domestic wastewater treatment and the potential enduses of both treated wastewater and vermicompost. My project is based on the vermifilter pilot project installed at the housing cooperative, Equilibre, in Geneva, which treats the wastewaters of 112 people since 2017. My research aims to create a thorough understanding on how vermifiltration treats domestic wastewater effluents, how it conforms to current quality standards and the mass balance of micropollutants, heavy metals, and microplastics throughout the treatment processes. 

Before starting my PhD, I did my B.S. in Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and my MSc. in environmental sciences at the University of Geneva. I also co-founded both aneco and VaLoo, the Swiss network for circular sanitation.