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Dr. Iryna Sotnyk

Dr. Iryna Sotnyk.png

Scientific Collaborator
Renewable Energy Systems group, University of Geneva

University of Geneva C602, Blvd. Carl Vogt 66
CH-1211 Geneva 4

Email: Iryna.Sotnyk(at)





Since November 2022, Iryna is a part-time senior scientific collaborator at the Renewable Energy Systems group of the University of Geneva. She is also a Professor at the Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration of Sumy State University, Ukraine. Iryna is interested in investigating the economic mechanisms of energy efficiency and renewable energy development as well as motivation for resource saving, dematerialization, and just energy transition. She got her Ph.D. (2002) and Doctor of Science (2011) degrees in Economics of Nature Use and Environmental Protection at Sumy State University. So far, Iryna was a leader of 9 and a contributor to more than 25 research projects, including international ones, on sustainable development, green economy, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and resource-saving issues. She is a laureate of the Prize of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2004) and scholarships of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2011-2012), the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (2012-2013), Fulbright Visiting Scholar Programme (2019-2020), and Latvian State Research Scholarship Programme (2021).