Welcome to the Renewable Energy Systems group, led by Prof. Evelina Trutnevyte, at the University of Geneva. Our scientific activities revolve around three themes:

  • Renewable energy systems: We use energy systems modeling and technology assessment tools in order to support transition to renewable energy at all spatial scales, from neighborhoods and municipalities to countries and continents.
  • Long-range energy projections: Long-range foresight is key to making energy decisions. Yet, the development of energy projections and scenarios has proved to be a notoriously difficult task. We apply new modeling techniques and interdisciplinary scenario methodologies in order to develop and evaluate innovate approaches to quantitative foresight and to support decision making under deep uncertainty.
  • Socio-technical energy solutions: We search for system-level energy solutions that are techno-economically feasible, environmentally desirable, acceptable and realistically implementable in the society. Our perspective is thus different from most of our peers because we go beyond techno-economic solutions to the real-world ones. 

We are based at the University of Geneva, Faculty of Science, Section of Earth and Environmental SciencesDepartment F.-A. Forel for Environmental and Aquatic Sciences, and the Institute for Environmental Sciences. Thus, we are part of over a dozen and still growing number of scientific groups that work on energy across various disciplines at the University of Geneva.

We are ideally located in Geneva. The city itself takes ambitious pioneering action in promoting renewable energy as well as hosts multiple international organizations that foster global transition. The on-going implementation of the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 and climate neutrality goal also provides an exciting setting to investigate the transition to renewable energy systems.