External Resources

In addition to the contents of this website, you will find below a selection of interesting resources on research data as well as other training courses and tools.

Other training materials

e-Learning Platform for Research Data Management (Generic)

The e-Learning Platform for Research Data Management offers a range of 9 thematic modules to train in research data management.

This platform was developed as part of the "Train2Dacar" project.

DoRANum (Generic)

DoRANum offers a distance learning system integrating various self-training resources on the management and sharing of research data.

Existing or created within the framework of the project, these resources offer several learning paths and methods to meet the expectations and uses of the target audiences: researchers, doctoral students and information professionals.

This service is offered by a network made up of Urfist and Inist-CNRS as well as representatives of the higher education and research community.

Mantra (Generic)

Developed by the University of Edinburgh, MANTRA is a free, unevaluated online course designed to provide the knowledge needed to understand and reflect on how to manage the digital data collected throughout the research cycle.

It was designed for students, early-career researchers and information professionals.

The course consists of eight online units and a set of offline data processing tutorials (downloadable). The aim is to enable users to become familiar with the key terminology and concepts in the field and to benefit from good practice in research data management.


Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (Generic)

The Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives offers a range of educational content on the management of social science research data, including :

  •  Data Management Expert guide: this guide offers a journey through the life cycle of research data, lasting approximately 15 hours. It has been designed by European experts to help social science researchers manage and make their research data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR).
  • Webinars: the site offers recordings of webinars on various themes given in the past by Cessda.
  • Train-the-Trainers Package: This kit contains various contents such as workshop plans, slides and exercises that trainers can use to develop and deliver research data management training for social scientists.



CUSO (Generic)

CUSO was founded by the universities of French-speaking Switzerland and organizes doctoral activities, including joint doctoral programs and a transversal program of generic competencies.

Data Train (Archaeology)

Developed in collaboration between the University of Cambridge and the Archaeology Data Service, DataTrain was designed to familiarise postgraduate archaeology students with good practices in research data management.

The course material consists of eight modules, each of which includes a powerpoint presentation with accompanying notes. The majority of the presentations end with a group discussion and/or written exercises.

 The course material is freely available for re-use by trainers delivering basic research skills courses for archaeology students . The full course is designed to take place either as a four-hour half-day workshop or as a 2 x 2-hour course. The individual modules can also be integrated into courses in data management and basic research skills.



vads4R (Visual arts)

Led by different stakeholders in the UK, the Visual Arts Data Skills For Researchers (VADS4R) project has developed a Research Data Management (RDM) training programme tailored to the needs of early career researchers and postgraduate students in the visual arts.

The training material provided consists of 7 toolkits, each focusing on specific aspects of research data management for the visual arts.

Training eSupport System - TeSS (Life sciences)

TeSS is a platform that brings together information, training materials, events and tutorials for trainers and learners. TeSS was initially developed as part of ELIXIR, a European infrastructure for life sciences data.

Swiss Personalized Health Network - SPHN (Health)

SPHN is a national initiative that aims to make health data interoperable and shareable for research in Switzerland. It offers webinars.


DLCM Project

The DLCM website is managed by the Swiss DLCM (Data Life Cycle Management) project team. It provides best practices, practical resources and news on this topic.


Digital Curation Centre (DCC)

The website of the Digital Curation Centre (UK) provides expert advice and practical help in storing, managing, protecting and sharing digital research data.



The DMPonline website is a service of the DCC (see above) and the University of California, which provides assistance in creating, reviewing, and sharing data management plans that meet the requirements of institutions and funders(European Research Council, Wellcome Trust...).


Digital Law Center (DLC)

The Digital Law Center is a competence center for digital law at the University of Geneva. It offers training, research and services.

Research Data Publishing Ethics Flowcharts

The FORCE11 Research Data Publishing Ethics Working Group, in collaboration with Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), has developed flowcharts to guide the handling of cases that may arise in relation to the publication of research data. The flowcharts cover the four categories of cases outlined in the Joint FORCE11 & COPE Research Data Publishing Ethics Working Group Recommendations: Authorship, Legal, Risk, Rigor.