Consent forms

Legal regulations (HRA/LRH):

 Art. 7 Consent

 1 Research on human beings may only be carried out if the person concerned has given informed consent or if he or she has not exercised his or her right of objection after having been informed in accordance with this Law.

  2 The person concerned may at any time refuse to participate in a research project or revoke his or her consent without having to justify his or her decision.

  Art. 16 Informed consent

 2 The following information must be provided to the data subject orally and in writing, in an understandable form:

 a.the nature, purpose, duration and conduct of the research project;

 b.the foreseeable risks and constraints;

 c.the expected benefit of the research project, in particular for itself or others;

 d.the measures to ensure the protection of his or her personal data;

 e.its rights


Good practices: 

  • Obtain the informed consent of participants before involving them in a research project
  • Give them the conditions to make an informed decision:
  1. Enough information  (cf. LRH, art. 16)
  2. Presented in a clear and appropriate manner
  3. Enough time to think
  • Anticipate the impact of a possible retraction and clarify them: what it implies for the data collected until then ?


 Examples of consent forms: