Mladen Ivkovic

Mladen Ivkovic

PhD student

Office 268, Observatoire
+41 22 379 24 71
+41 22 379 22 05

Mladen Ivkovic obtained his Master degree at the University of Zurich 
(UZH), Switzerland, in 2018 in the group of Prof. Romain Teyssier. He is 
currently doing a PhD thesis on computational astrophysics at the Ecole 
Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and the Astronomy Department 
of the University of Geneva, co-supervised by Dr. Yves Revaz and Prof. 
Anne Verhamme. His work focuses on modelling and simulating early dwarf 
galaxies, and determining their properties and influence during the 
Epoch of Reionization of the Universe.