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Joachim Moser von Filseck

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Lipids are far more than just building blocks of membranes. During my PhD I worked on how lipids get where they belong in the cell, and now I want to study how organelle-specific lipids and lipid compositions can affect protein function. Currently, I’m working on how ESCRT-III polymers can change the geometry of lipid bilayers and how this is affected by the bilayers’ lipid composition. I work with artificial membranes and recombinant protein to identify the minimal requirements for ESCRT-mediated membrane deformation, mostly using transmission electron microscopy. 

I studied Chemistry in Heidelberg (Germany) and Montpellier (France) before switching to Biochemistry for my PhD in Bruno Antonny’s Lab in Nice (France). For my thesis under the supervision of Guillaume Drin, I studied in vitro the mechanisms of intracellular lipid transport and how lipid gradients can be built-up throughout the cell. I joined the Roux lab in early 2015 and am now working on the role of lipids in ESCRT-III-mediated membrane deformation.