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L'Oreille Des Kids

Find the PhysiScope young scientists in L’Oreille Des Kids (ODK).

How do airplanes fly? What is static electricity? Focusing firmly on physics phenomena with and for kids! Children can have fun finding out all about science thanks to the PhysiScope experts at the University of Geneva (UNIGE), with their interactive experiments and easy-to-understand explanations.

Kids can enjoy a hands-on approach to physics as they slip into the shoes of a researcher and actively participate in a string of exciting experiments — that’s the idea behind this series that adopts the PhysiScope approach for television. This fruitful collaboration with means young viewers can take an original look at the main principles of physics. It’s a world away from the cliché of physicists dressed in white coats, their noses stuck in strange formulas all day long! The young audience can see that a researcher’s work is extremely dynamic and keeps up with the latest developments in the world of science.

Each episode is primed by the PhysiScope team, and features a slot with kids filmed in a familiar environment. The children, who are contacted via their school, discuss things in small groups, with their teacher explaining the theme of the show in advance. They are active participants, reacting to the show, asking questions, voicing their opinions and revealing their hunches.

A physicist conducts his or her experiments on the theme of the day in a virtual studio, as though in a laboratory. A specialist working on the relevant phenomenon on a day-to-day basis then fleshes out the explanations and answers to the questions posed by the children. Last of all, the physicist suggests an experiment that members of the young audience can carry out at home using everyday items.

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