Pierre Hollmuller

Dr Pierre Hollmuller

Chargé de cours

6ème étage A609
+41 22 379 0277

Research and teaching area

Research and teaching activities in the area of energy efficiency and innovative energy systems, mainly in the built environment; problem-based approach founded on the analysis of in-situ monitored real-scale installations under operation; tight collaboration with academics from diverse disciplines, as well as with diverse players and stake holders of the energy market, from private and public sectors.

Professional situation and career

  • Since 2010: Research Associate and Lecturer – Groupe Energie, Institut Forel / Institut des Sciences de l’Environnement, Université de Genève.
  • 2008-10: Research Associate – Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (SESUL), University of Lisbon.
  • 2004: Invited Researcher – Laboratório de Eficiência Energética em Edificações (LABEEE), Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil.
  • 1993-07: PhD and Postdoc – Centre universitaire d’études des problèmes de l’énergie (CUEPE), Université de Genève.
  • 1995-07: Foundation, presidency and management of an NGO promoting solar energy – Sebasol / Solar Support (Genève).
  • 1992-07: Development of didactic activities in the field of energy and environmental issues – Office cantonal de l’énergie (Genève) and Terrawatt (Genève).
  • 1990-07: Presidency and financial management of a dwelling cooperative – Coopérative 15-15bis des Gares (Genève).


  • 2002: PhD of Science, interdisciplinary option – Faculté des sciences et Centre universitaire d’étude des problèmes de l’énergie, Université de Genève.
  • 2000: Master of advanced studies in energy, economic option – Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne.
  • 1990: Physics degree, option in theoretical physics – Université de Genève.

Recent international projects (selection)

  • BEEP: Building Energy Efficiency Project, in collaboration between Indian Ministery of Power and Embassy of Switzerland in India. 2012-2016. Position: Expert. Financing: Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development. Collaboration: NIIT University (India), Greentech Knowledge Solutions (India), Sorane (Switzerland).
  • Solar and Heat Pump Systems, IEA Solar and Heating Program, Task 44. 2009-2013. Position: Associate researcher. Financing: Swiss Federal Office of Energy. Collaboration: 82 researchers from 14 countries
  • CIBLE: Climate Impact on Building Cooling Systems. 2011-2014. Position: Associate researcher, PhD co-supervisor. Financing: Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, Portugal. Collaboration: University of Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Potential of inertial ventilation for passive cooling in Brazilian climate. 2004-2005. Position: Main researcher. Financing: Swiss Commission for Research Partnership with Developing Countries. Colaboration: Universidade federal de Santa Catarina (Brasil).

Recent national projects (selection)

  • Genève-Lac-Aéroport et Genève-Lac-Urbain. Etude d'opportunité. 2011. Position: Associate researcher. Financing: Services industriels de Genève
  • AlterClim : Stratégies alternatives à la climatisation. 2010-2015. Position: Main researcher and project officer. Financing: Services industriels de Genève
  • COP5: Source froide solaire pour pompe à chaleur avec un COP annuel de 5, généralisable dans le neuf et la rénovation. 2009-2013. Position: Joint project officer. Collaboration: ERTE (Switzerland). Financing: Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Service de l’énergie du Canton de Genève.
  • EasyPipes: Front/end numerical tool for simulation and dimensioning of air-soil heat exchangers. 2008 – 2009. Position: Main researcher. Financing: Swiss Federal Office of Energy. Collaboration: LEEA / HEPIA (Switzerland)
  • Coolshift: Extensive sensitivity analysis of diverse ventilation cooling techniques for a typical administrative building in Mid-European climate. 2005 – 2007. Position: Main researcher, joint project officer. Financing: Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Service cantonal de l’énergie de Genève.
  • Thermal phase-shifting: A new ventilation and thermal storage technique for passive cooling of buildings. 2002-2006. Position: Main researcher, project officer. Financing: Swiss Federal Office of Energy. Collaboration: CMEFE / HEPIA (Switzerland)
  • Geocooling: Passive cooling with air-soil heat exchangers and geothermal boreholes. 2004 – 2005. Position: Joint project officer, associate researcher. Financing: Swiss Federal Office of Energy. Collaboration: ISAAC / SUPSI (Switzerland)

Linguistic skills

Native: French.
Excellent: English, German, Schwytzerdütsch, Spanish, Portuguese.
Basics: Italian.