Stefan Schneider

Dr Stefan Schneider

Collaborateur scientifique / Adjoint scientifique

6ème étage A609
+41 22 379 02 78

I am a mathematician with more than 25 years of experience in interdisciplinary work. I started my higher graduation with a PhD in applied mathematics in the field of in numerical methods for solving stiff ordinary differential equations. This PhD resulted with publication of papers in international scientific revues. During period 1995 to 2000 I was co-author of software package Arlequin, for statistical analysis of genetic data. Arlequin was a big success with more than 20’000 scientific paper using this software for their data analysis. Arlequin was also linked to academic research in statistical methods applied to population genetics. From 2000 to 2013 I started to work in the industry as responsible of R&D at company Deram SA. This company is active in the banking software. Since November 2014 I am back in the academic research within the “Groupe Systèmes Energétiques / Institut Forel”.

My present research interests are (i) territorial modelling of heat demand, (ii) electricity consumption decomposition and load curve estimations, (iii) evaluation of innovative energy solutions.

Currently I work on several projects related to our industrial partner “Service Industriels de Genève” as:

  • Evaluation of a centralized geothermal heat pump of 5 MW for a new district “Les Vergers” located in Meyrin (Switzerland).
  • Heat, cooling and electricity demand atlas for the Canton of Geneva
  • Temperature level reduction strategies for the main district heating of Geneva