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Applied Affective Sciences

Applied Affective Sciences

aas.pngThe research focus « Applied Affective Sciences » brings together NCCR researchers whose studies address practical real-world needs or aim at developing innovative products.

Applied studies conducted within the NCCR can be grouped in three areas.

  • Affective sciences applied to organizations. The ability to recognize emotions in others and to regulate emotions is important for the smooth functioning of organizations and for facilitating resolution of conflicts. Studies in this area are conducted in real work settings and results are relevant for improving practices and general functioning of organizations.
    Example: Development of a new test to assess emotional intelligence in the context of work performance
  • Affective sciences applied to consumer behavior. Nowadays more than ever, choices are guided by emotions and affective reactions to objects and values. Studies in this area investigate how objects or messages can elicit affective reactions and how these reactions influence consumer behavior and preferences.
    Example: Investigation of the emotion appraisals that are involved in the decision to consume a product based on the values that it represents (e.g., fair-trade, sustainability)
  • Affective sciences applied to technological innovation. Several research groups are developing technological products that have emotional abilities, i.e., the capacity to recognize, and adapt to the emotional state of the user. Within the NCCR, these studies are done in collaboration with technological partners and have the goals of implementing theoretical knowledge about emotions into concrete “objects.
    Example: Development of a software for the automatic detection of subtle emotions from facial expressions in the context of video-watching.

The research focus is the best first contact for external institutions (public or private) that are interested in establishing a research partnership with the NCCR.


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