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Cours en ligne en « Droit international de l’eau douce et le droit relatif aux aquifères transfrontières »

La deuxième édition du cours en ligne en « Droit international de l’eau douce et le droit relatif aux aquifères transfrontières » s'est terminée le 3 décembre 2017.

Des participants ont témoigné leur satisfaction du cours.

« Thank you for the Distance Learning course in « International Water Law and the Law of Transboundary Aquifers ». This has been a rewarding experience. I truly enjoyed the course and I am happy to have acquired a new set of specialist skills that I can offer to my home country ».  Najla King, Directrice, CariMarine Industry Development and Consultancy Services, Barbados.

« Since I saw the announcement about the course I saw in it the chance to develop my knowledge in this field. This course has done more than that. I have met people that work in the field of international water law. I have read the documentation that helps me with my PhD research, I participated in events that were connected to my research and interests. I must thank you for the high quality of the research that the course promotes and for the care shown to the participants to the course ». Lavinia Moiceanu, doctorante, Geneva School of Diplomacy. 

« I would like to thank you, because you have opened a window which showed the best of the science and law working together in transboundary waters. Thanks for keeping the light of hope to see a more equal world around water, thanks for your international work with developing countries and thanks for your contributions and being so open for listening ideas. Thanks for sharing cutting edge knowledge and experiences around the world ». Francisco Jose Cabrera Perdomo, avocat, Colombie.

"Thank you so much for all your efforts during the course. I learned a lot, this was a fantastic course and It was very well managed. I would like to congratulate you on preparing and delivering such an interesting course. The course the materials and the way course was delivered was very interesting for me. Thank you so much for everything", Mohammad Daoud Hammidi, Asian Development Bank, Kazakhstan. 

29 janv. 2018