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Mara Tignino et Britta Sjöstedt (Université de Lund, Suède) sont les éditeurs du numéro spécial  de la Review of European, Comparative and International Environmental Law (RECIEL) sur le thème “Water Protection and Armed Conflicts in International Law” (Vol. 29, Numéro 1, avril 2020).

Ce numéro inclut les articles suivants:


Searching for holistic approaches to protect water in relation to armed conflict - Mara Tignino et Britta Sjöstedt


  • Water law and governance in post-conflict settings - Carl Bruch, Erika Weinthal, Jessica Troell

  • Building a sustainable peace: How peace processes shape and are shaped by the international legal framework for the governance of natural resources - Daniella Dam-de-Jong

  • Water in peace operations: the case of Haiti – Mara Tignino and Öykü Irmakkesen

  • Water security: a litmus test for international law - Bjørn‐Oliver Magsig

  • Access to water in Donbass and Crimea: attacks against water infrastructures and the blockade of the North Crimea Canal – Marco Pertile et Sondra Faccio

  • Armed conflicts and the environment: The International Law Commission’s new draft principles – Marja Lehto
27 avr. 2020