Anciens collaborateurs

Pierre Marle

M. Pierre Marle

Ancien collaborateur - Doctorant

Fields of competence

Hydroecology - Ichtyology - Aquatic entomology - Biostatistic


since 2016

Postgraduate Education
Phd project : Lateral connectivity in river floodplains : from invertebrate community prediction to local food web transfers

University of Geneva

Graduate Education
Master degree in Water Sciences and Hydrobiology

University of Franche-Comte

Professional experience

since 2015

Aquatic Ecology Lab - University of Geneva
Ph.D student/Research assistant - Predicting changes of macroinvertebrate assemblages using flow processes, linking trophic interactions with biogeochemical processes, flows of contaminants in food chains, monitoring of large river restoration

Geneva (CH)

Cantonal Museum of Zoology & University of Lausanne
Research assistant - Description of new aquatic insect species from Borneo : anatomy, physiology, taxonomy & conservation of insects

Lausanne (CH)

Enginnering consulting agencies
Scientific collaborator/Hydrobiologist - Studies on benthic macroinvertebrate and fish assemblages, species inventory, stream data analysis, monitoring of stream restoration

  • ECOTEC Environnement SA - Geneva
  • Eaux Continentales - Besançon
  • Environmental Department of Franche-Comte - Besançon
Switzerland & France
since 2007

Volunteer experiences
Scientific excursion for stream protection and sustainable management : inventory and conservation of aquatic insects & monitoring of rare fish species.

  • Croatian-French Project for Karstic Rivers
  • European River Network
  • European Programme Life Apron II
France & Croatia

Anciens collaborateurs