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Thibaut Cossart

Dr Thibaut Cossart

Ancien collaborateur - Doctorant

I am a PhD student in Biogeochemistry and Ecotoxicology in the Department F.-A. Forel, implicated in environmental and aquatic research at the University of Geneva. I finished my master degree in 2017 at the University of Toulon (France), with a specialisation in Marine Biomolecules and Biodiversity. I worked on several projects, ranging from the determination of the impact of pollutants (organic and metals) on the natural phytoplankton community to the development of technologies allowing automated in situ analysis of the heterotrophic community by flow cytometry.

I prepare a PhD in Environmental Science and my topic is to determine how phytoplankton is implicated in biotic transformations of Hg. I will focus my research on transformations performed by diatoms and on the Hg complexation with thiols released by these organisms.

Anciens collaborateurs