Science of Aphasia 2024 will take place in Geneva : save the date !

Monday 9th to Thursday 12th September 2024


Invited sessions

1. Semantic processes and impairments in aphasia and svPPA : what do they tell us about cognitive models of semantics?

Beth Jefferies (York, UK)

Valentina Borghesani (Geneva, CH)


2. Verbal learning, treatment and recovery throughout the lifespan

Claudia Peñaloza (Barcelona, ES)

Erica Middleton (Philadelphia, US)

Vania de Aguiar (Groningen, NL)


3. How brain injury informs theories of evolution

Antonio Benítez Burraco (Sevilla, ES)

Elissa Newport (Georgetown, US)


4. Underrepresented Languages in aphasia research: how can they add to our understanding of aphasia and what are the problems with anglo-centric research on aphasia?

Monica Norvik (Oslo, NO)

Frank Tsiwah (Groningen, NL)


Local organising committee : Prof. Dr. med. Adrian Guggisberg, Prof. Marina Laganaro, Dr. Monica Lancheros, Julie Franco, Dr. Gregoire Python