Submission is closed now ! Thank you for your contribution !

All authors have received a notification in May.   

For poster presenters : you have to prepare max. 3 slides (3 min max. presentation) in order to orally present your work on the day of your poster session. Maximal width of the poster is 90 cm.


Abstracts for posters should present innovative and unpublished work, provide a clear statement of the problem or hypothesis and the basis on which conclusions are drawn; they must be in English. The submission deadline is the 29th of April 2024.

Abstracts have to be sumbitted in the template form : 


They cannot exceed 1’000 words (including headings, excluding references) and should follow the following structure: Introduction and aims – Methods – Results – Discussion -References. One figure/table is allowed ; it has to be inserted into the abstract template. 

Abstracts texts (without references and figures/tables) have to be copy-pasted in the "Abstract" box and submitted in .pdf or .doc or .docx formats.