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Reform networks and active pedagogies

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AIIJR, fonds Agatha, revue "Nous" (n°2 et 4), 1979 et 1981.

The New Education and Educational Sciences pair seems at the same time inseparable, intrinsically linked and surprisingly fertile, and irreconcilable, contradicting each other on many of their assumptions and characteristics.

From the turn of the 19th century and during the first decades of the 20th century, the new Education is closely linked to the quest for a new apprehension of childhood, or new science of the child, advocating for a better (re) knowledge of the child and the laws of his development. Concerned with renewing educational practices in order to better take into account the natural nature of childhood, the artisans of the New Education are seeking confirmation and enrichment from the said science, conceived as an instance of proof of ancestral intuitions and source of hope for the future. educational renewal. Science is thus convened to legitimize the theses of the movement on a solid, objective, scientific basis, even if from the start an ambivalence against knowledge and science is revealed.

Conversely, the disciplinary field of the sciences of education as it develops from the end of the 19th century inspired by empirical paradigms, even experimental, also invests the new Education. Many of his protagonists are decisive figures who support the principles of a radical reform of the school and consider the new Education as their field of practical experimentation. These teachers seem to find in the new Education a social legitimacy for the science they are trying to build. Not without sometimes the scientific intention giving way over the reforming intention, these builders of a new pedagogy seeming themselves carried away by their fervor, even if it is positivist.

Investigations into this issue translate into:

  • a dissertation completed in 2011 on the relationship between science and militancy in the new education movement
  • the organization of congresses (participation in ISCHE 2004) and symposia (ECER 2006)
  • book publishing
  • Hofstetter, R. & Schneuwly, B. (Ed.) (2006). Passion, Fusion, Tension. New Education and Educational sciences – Education nouvelle et sciences de l’éducation (end 19th - middle 20th  – fin 19e - milieu 20e siècle). Berne: Lang. Descriptif de l'ouvrage et commande de l'ouvrage 
  • Hofstetter, R. & Schneuwly, B. (Ed.). (2009). New Education at the Heart of Knowledge Transformations [special issue]. Paedagogica Historica. International Journal of the History of Education, 45(4&5). Descriptif et commande de l'ouvrage
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