Marina Laganaro

Marina Laganaro

Full Professor

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I am currently a full professor at the Faculty of Psycholigy and Educational Science at the University of Geneva, where I am co-responsible for the Master in Speech and language pathology. I am also in charge of the Speech and language pathology clinic and member of the executive board of Pôle Cité -FPSE.

I have obtained a PhD in psychology at the University of Geneva after a master and professional training in speech and language pathology and neuropsychology. In 2008 I crated the  NeuroPsychoLinguistic research group thanks to the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF professorship). My research focuses on the cognitive and brain processes undelying  language and speech production in neurotypical adults and their impairments following brain damage in adults (aphasia and motor speech disorders) using psycholinguistic, neuropsychological, and electrophysiological approaches. The research is mostly interdisciplinary and has been conducted in collaboration with phoneticians, neurologists and speech engineers (e.g. two recent FNS Sinergia projects MoSpeeDi and ChaSpeePro).

Short CV - Publications


a) Academic

-Full Professor, Uni. Genève, FPSE (2021->)    - Vice-dean at FPSE (2023->)

-Associate Professor, Univ. de Genève, FPSE (2014-2021 )  - Vice-president at the Psychology Dpt. (2019-22)

-Assistant Professor (SNSF Professorship) @Univ. de Neuchâtel, FLSH:  (2008-2010) and @Univ. de Genève, FPSE (2010-2014)

-Maître-assistante, Uni Genève, Fac. Médecine, Neurorééducation (2006-2008)

-Lecturer: @  Univ. Neuchâtel (2003-2008); @ Universidad de Costa Rica and UACA (1995-99)

b) Clinical

-Responsible for the "Consultation de Logopédie", Pôle Cité, FPSE, Univ.Genève (2017->)

-Aphasiologist-Neuropsychologist (1994-2005) in Neurorehabilitation @ Geneva University Hospitals, Genève; @  Clinic Valmont, Giens (VD). @  Hospitals and Private Practice, San José, Costa Rica; @  Clinic Hildebrand, Brissago (TI)

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