NeuroPsychoLinguistic team:

Team is linked to the Psycholinguistic group.


Research fields


A.      Utterance production and word form planification : Study of the processes and representations underlying utterance planification produced by the speaker; investigation on how these processes are achieved in acquired language disorders (aphasia) and speech disorders (speech apraxia, dysarthria).

B.      Electrophysiological correlates of production and time course of the underlying processes: ERP studies of word production, of the various production disorders following a brain damage, and the post-lesion recovery of these processes.


Currently funded projects :

- Sinergia project SNSF 2017-20: MoSpeeDi: Motor Speech Disorders: characterizing phonetic speech planning and motorspeech pr ogramming/execution and their impairments  (SNSF CRSII5_173711, in collaboration with F.Assal, HUG; H. Bourlard, IDIAP-EPFL; C. Fougeron, Paris3).

- SNSF project 2016-19: Dynamics of  word production across the lifespan (SNSF 100014_165647) in collaboration with P. Zesiger (Acquisition and language disorders)

- SNSF project 2013-16: Dynamics of facilitation and interference during speech production in healthy speakers and in speakers with aphasia: behavioural and ERP investigation(SNSF 105314_146113/1)

- SNSF project 2016-17: Challenging the Double-Deficit Hypothesis in reading disabled and typically developing school-aged children using behavioral and ERP approaches (P. Zesiger & M. Laganaro)

- SNSF project 2013-16:  in collaboration with P. Zesiger (Acquisition and language disorders): Rapid naming and reading skills in school-aged children: A behavioural and ERP approach to the contribution of lexical phonological processes. (SNSF 100014_149595)