Language impairment: Evaluation and remediation

(From left to right on the picture: Pauline Prat, Mélodie Matrat, Olivia Hadjadj, Alessandra Scodellari, Hélène Delage, Emily Stanford, Margaret Kehoe).


We study neurodevelopmental language disorders in children and adults using an applied approach so as to better assess and manage these disorders.


We focus on:


  • treating morphosyntactic disorders in children and adolescents with developmental language disorders (DLD) using an explicit/metalinguistic approach;


  •  dynamic language assessment in children as a means to diagnose Developmental Language Disorder (DLD), particularly in a multilingual context, and to inform speech-language therapy;


  • the understanding and remediation of spelling disorders in children and adults with Specific Learning Disorder (SLD);


  • the persistence of language disorders in adults with DLD and the remediation of these disorders;


  • the links between executive functions (attention, working memory) and syntax in children with DLD, Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD);


  • the evaluation of the effectiveness of speech-language therapy in children following the principles of Evidence-Based Practice.