Ruri Takizawa



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Ruri Takizawa joined the research group of Intergroup Relations and Social Identity in 2020 as a Ph.D. candidate, supervised by Prof. Clara Kulich and Dr. Vincenzo Iacoviello.

She completed her BSc in Psychology at Bielefeld University in 2018 (Germany) as a DAAD scholarship recipient. Then, she obtained her MSc in Social Cognition at University College London (UCL) in 2019 (England).

As a member of the Early Career Committee of the International Society of Political Psychology, she currently serves as Professional Development Coordinator.


Research interests

Ruri works primarily on the glass cliff phenomenon. She investigates the conditions under which underrepresented group members (such as women and ethnic minority members) are appointed to leadership positions in business and politics. She is also interested in how these leaders are evaluated after their precarious appointments.

She is involved in the SNSF-funded project "Motives of Precarious Minority Leadership: A Challenge or a Sinking Ship?" (Nr. 100019_188934), led by Clara Kulich. In addition, during the COVID-19 pandemic, she researched gender stereotypes and political leadership preferences, financed by GenEx joint Seed Funding 2021 (PIs: Clara Kulich, Michelle K. Ryan).

Ongoing Master's thesis co-supervisions

2021-Ongoing Melanie Wenger “Glass Cliff Effet du féminisme et du contexte sur l’engagement politique précaire des femmes ainsi que leurs motivations”

2021-Ongoing Emilie Marie Antille “Glass Cliff – La falaise de verre : choix d’engagement politique des femmes et leurs motivations, effet du contexte et de leur identité politisée”


Societal Challenges Seminar

Since the spring semester of 2021, Ruri has been co-organizing the Societal Challenges Seminar series (hybrid). In the seminar, weekly speakers present their planned or ongoing research on societal challenges. The seminar aims to promote exchange between ECRs in Geneva. If you are interested in these as a presenter or listener, please reach out!

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