Ruri Takizawa



Uni Mail / Bureau 6136

Tel. +41 22 379 90 98



About me

Since 2020, I am a doctoral candidate in the research group on Intergroup Relations and Social Identity under Prof. Clara Kulich and Dr. Vincenzo Iacoviello. Prior, I completed my BSc in Psychology at Bielefeld University in 2018 and my MSc in Social Cognition: Research and Applications at the University College London (UCL) in 2019. Before my studies, I grew up in Yokohama, Japan.

Research Interests

My interests lie in the domains of social cognition, political, and organizational psychology. Currently, I’m involved in projects investigating the conditions and underlying mechanisms when individuals from minority groups (e.g., women and ethnic and racial minority group members) are appointed to leadership positions in politics and organizations.

My main Ph.D. research is part of the project “Motives of Precarious Minority Leadership: A Challenge or a Sinking Ship?” (financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation 2019 – 2023, Nr. 100019_188934), in which we study the glass cliff phenomenon. In addition, I’m involved in the project “Political Leadership in Times of Crisis: How COVID-19 may lead to a Preference for Female and Ethnic Minority Leaders”, financed by GenEx joint Seed Funding 2021.

Since spring semester 2021, I’m organizing the “Societal Challenges” Seminar series, in which weekly speakers are invited to present their ongoing research to promote exchange within the social psychological discipline. If you are interested in these as a presenter or listener, please feel free to contact me.


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