Programme Overview

Leadership for Sustainability Transition


Bachelor and Masters students, PhD candidates, as well as junior professionals from all walks of life who are interested in sustainability transition.


Boost your sustainability career skillset with intensive experience into becoming a more resilient and effective agent of sustainable transition.

We train both the hard and soft skills equipping you with tools and methodologies to consciously navigate and master local as well as national and international dynamics of change. With your new readings on sustainability goals and elements of change you will be able to clearly define your vision and goals while engaging others in your vision.

This workshop will help you build your tool-kit at three levels by combining:

  • A solid exploration of effective response mechanisms to change and needed policy frameworks,
  • A practical perspective based on ongoing projects and best practices in Switzerland and beyond,
  • A deeper dive into the self-leadership skills necessary to aspire and engage your community.

You will Learn cutting-edge solutions for designing, implementing and monitoring sustainability transitions at the local, national and international levels.

You will Boost your expertise into the role of infrastructures (Grey and Green Infrastructures ) and new strategies such as Nature-Based Solutions to meet sustainability goals while reinforcing societal and systemic resilience.

You will Transform data into a dynamic changemaking tool. By improving or bootstrapping your sustainability data management skills from collection to disclosure.

You will Powerfully manage multiple interactions between various stakeholders (Municipalities and local governments, National governments, International Organisations) in developing new solutions within a Post-Pandemic Recovery Scenario.

Finally, you will Enhance your inner leadership, alignment to your own purpose and capacity for transformative communication. So that you can bring to life unique visions that fit the impact you want to have in this field.

Enjoy focused knowledge packages provided by guest experts from UN and and other International Organisations, State and City of Geneva Network with leading professionals and experts.






Junior professionals : CHF 1,000

External students (*): CHF 800

UNIGE students (*): CHF 200

(*) Bachelor and master’s degree-seeking students only. The tuition fees for lifelong learning students and Ph.D. candidates are subject to employment status.


Combined offer with a 20% discount for junior professionals (practitioners and researchers) who register also for "Science-Policy Interfaces for Environmental Solutions: Learning to Span Boundaries".


Course + Accommodation Package

Participants choosing the package can register through us for housing at the Cité universitaire de Genève. Only a limited number of rooms are available for that course. All applications are handled on a first-come-first-served basis and assignments will be subject to availability.

Note: We only arrange housing from Saturday to Saturday. Check-in is on Saturday, 24 June, and check-out is on Saturday, 1 July.

Professionals (course + accommodation): CHF 1,336

External students (course + accommodation) : CHF 1,136

Dr. Alexandre Hedjazi
Institute for Environmental Sciences
University of Geneva

Dr. Matteo Tarantino
Adjunct Professor
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore



Stephan Mergenthaler from the World Economic Forum will provide you with the unique perspective of one of the world’s most influential Public-Private Partnership international organisation and organiser of the Davos Summit.

Gulnara Roll from the UNECE and Hossein Fadaei from UN-EMG will teach you all there is to know about sustainable housing and its relationship with data. This is an even more urgent area of intervention in a post-COVID world.

Spiro Pollalis from Harvard University will bring you a lifetime of knowledge about sustainable infrastructures, developed as the director of the Zofnass Program on Sustainable Infrastructures at Harvard.

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Masa Fazlic, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - 2022 In-Person Edition

I successfully completed the Geneva Summer Schools, University of Geneva, Program "Leadership for Sustainability Transition". Great two weeks behind me. We had an opportunity to visit UNEP IT and World Economic Forum and learn from their representatives. It was an honor to meet so many inspiring people who share the same vision - to make this world a better and more sustainable place for all living species.