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2016: Mapping the Contexts of Victimhood

Mapping the Contexts of Victimhood

18 & 19 November 2016, University of Geneva

Organised by prof. Irène Herrmann & Cédric Cotter
Location: Département d’histoire générale, Rue Saint Ours 5, Room SO019


 Friday 18 November

12:00-13:15    Lunch at Boulevard de la Comédie

13:30-14:00    Introduction by Irène Herrmann

14:00-16:30    SESSSION I

  • An innocent victim helping the others victims of war? Switzerland during the First World War, Cédric Cotter
  • The overarching Trianon. Hungarian victimization discourse in the early 1920s., Ville  Hakkinen
  • Victimhood and guilt in Hungary after the IIWW: contexts and actors, Tuomas Lainen-Frigren
  • Comments by Pasi Ihalainen and discussion

16:30-17 :00   Coffee break

17:00-18:30    SESSION II

  • Swiss in the French Résistance during the postwar period: a path towards victimisation?, Marie-Laure Graf
  • Political responsibility in the post-WWII debates over victimhood, Tuija Parvikko
  • Comments by Pasi Ihalainen and discussion

19:30   Dinner at Café des sources


 Saturday 19 November

9:00-11:30      SESSION III

  • ‘Underserving Victims’ and the ‘Stunde Null’, Pertii Ahonen
  • The recognition of victims in Switzerland: the case of administrative inmates and foster children, Sandrine Maulini
  • The Politics of Finnish Victimhood Nationalism, 1945-1955 & 1994-2014, Jouni Tilli
  • Comments by Pasi Ihalainen and discussion

12:00  Final lunch at Pizzeria Italia


24 oct. 2016

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