Negative Emotions

Thumos, the Genevan research group on the emotions, is organizing a 2-day conference on negative emotions on the 30th and 31st of May at the The Swiss Center for the Affective Sceinces (Campus Biotech).

In our two-day conference, we aim to explore the good things about negative emotions by fostering interdisciplinary discussion on the topic. Each speakers will discuss one specific 'negative' emotion such as disgust, contempt and envy. They will examine questions relating to what may be problematic about them, what their redeeming features are, and whether they can contribute to our lives.


  30th of May   31st of May
8:45 Registration    
9:00 Ronald De Sousa — Jealousy 9:15 Charlie Kurth — Anxiety
  Respondent: Frédéric Minner   Respondent: Melanie Sarzano
10:30 coffee 10:45 coffee
10:45 Sandy Berkovski — Embrrassment 11:00 Jennifer Corns — Pain
  Respondent: Juliette Vazard   Respondent: Giada Dirupo
12:15 lunch 12:30 lunch
2:00 Mary Carman — Anger 2:00 Tristram Oliver-Skuse — Boredom
  Respondent: Fabio Mancini   Respondent: Danny Dukes
3:30 coffee 3:30 coffee
4:00 Macalester Bell — Contempt 4:00 Carolyn Price — Regret
  Respondent: Heidy Meriste   Respondent: Maude Oullette-Dube
5:30 drinks and dinner    


Each day will feature four talks. Each talk will be followed by a response from a graduate student and questions from the audience.

Organisation: Mary Carman & Tristram Oliver-Skuse, if you have any question, please contact us.