Seminars 2022

All seminars take place at the University Medical Centre (CMU) at 1:00 PM.



-> September 13th, 2022 :   Marc Ansari lab - speaker to be annouced soon




  • June 14th :   Nicolas Waespe & Isabelle Dupanloup DEMED /UNIGE

“ A novel integrative multi-omics approach to unravel the genetic determinants of sinusoidal obstruction syndrome "


  • May 31st : Miguel Frias  CPC/ DEMED /UNIGE

“ HIV infection and treatment induce changes in anti-apolipoprotein A1 autoantibodies and lipoproteins "


  •  May 10th : Miguel De Figueiredo  ISPSO/UNIGE

“ Development of a multivariate biological passport for the longitudinal monitoring of biomarkers: application to anti-doping ”


  •  April 26th : Paulina Ciepla, GPG/DEMED/UNIGE

“  Using zebrafish as a model to uncover the role of miR-223 in thrombus formation ”


  •  March 29th : Tatjana Vujic, DEMED/UNIGE

 "Morphine damaging impact on human brainendothelial cells"


  • February 22nd : Julia Charlon, GPG/DEMED/UNIGE.  

 "Role of miR-223 in regulating plateletreactivity"