[930] HIV/AIDS

The HIV/AIDS team's research projects encompass both interventional clinical trials conducted in Switzerland and internationally, as well as epidemiological studies based on data from the Swiss cohort study (www.shcs.ch).

As sponsor-investigator or investigator, our commitment focuses on clinical research into chronic viral diseases such as HIV, or emerging diseases such as SARS-COV-2 or the MPOX virus. Good Clinical Practice (GCP) in research is the foundation of our work, to ensure both the safety of participants and the validity of data, while maintaining the most rigorous ethical standards.

Our centre also coordinates the Swiss cohort study, also known as the SHCS, in the canton of Geneva. The Swiss cohort is a major research project that was set up in 1986 to gain a better understanding of the HIV epidemic in our country. One of the major strengths of the Swiss HIV cohort study is its ability to conduct in-depth longitudinal epidemiological studies. 

In addition, two cohorts of patients with metabolic complications or age-related co-morbidities (LIPO and metabolism group, LIPO senior group) were set up a few years ago. This initiative has demonstrated the effectiveness of an integrated multidisciplinary management model for these patients with complex co-morbidities.

Our research group has a keen interest in research in regions with limited or average resources, establishing partnerships with organisations such as Médecins Sans Frontières, the WHO and research centres in Brazil (COVID-19, mpox), Argentina (mpox) and sub-Saharan Africa (tuberculosis), to name but a few. These partnerships have enabled us to diversify our approaches and interests, while offering unique training and collaboration opportunities.

Our participation in international clinical trials has extended our impact by contributing to the search for solutions to other major health challenges.