The study of diabetes has been a strong research and clinical focus of UNIGE Faculty of Medicine for more than three decades. Today, as science becomes more competitive, but also more collaborative, it is clear that unifying forces of all researches under a formal research umbrella should strengthen the Faculty position to perform excellent research. In this context, the Faculty Diabetes Center, active since October 2015, establishes a formal network of clinicians and researchers working in the field of diabetes and associated metabolic pathologies.The Centre stresses the importance of a strong network of specialists, with the aim of complementing areas of expertise, of promoting discoveries and of defining innovative preventive and therapeutic strategies against diabetes.

The Center is interdisciplinary as its initial members are affiliated to various Departments of the Faculty of Medicine. It also collaborates with the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG) and with UNIGE Faculty of Science. Additional invited researchers may also contributes to this network.


  • Increased Interactions and Collaborations between research and/or clinical groups;
  • Increased Translational potential of pre-clinical findings;
  • Increased Visibility at the National and International level;
  • Increased Fundraising Potential (e.g.: Philanthropy);
  • Increased Recruitment Potential (for best students and scientists/clinicians);
  • Enhanced Teaching on the theme: “Metabolic Homeostasis and its disorders”.