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Conflicts and Integrity

As part of the implementation of the University of Geneva's Charter of Ethics and Deontology, the Faculty of Medicine offers various mechanisms available to any member of the faculty community - staff member or student -  confronted with interpersonal difficulties in the context of their work, or is attacked on their personal, professional or scientific integrity.

Faculty of Medicine Advisory and Internal Relay Group


The Faculty of Medicine Advisory and Internal Relay Group (GRC-FM) was created to provide a contact platform for anyone confronted with a problem or conflict related to personal integrity, and is thus a relay available to complement the resources offered by the Rectorate of the UNIGE.

The GRC-FM, which comprises representatives of the various bodies of the Faculty, offers a close listening ear as well as an in-depth knowledge of the functioning of the Faculty and its own problems. Its specific mission is to welcome and listen to all members of the faculty community (students and staff) who witness, are victims, or are at the origin of situations of discomfort, tension, sexism, harassment or professional conflicts, with the aim of providing advice and guidance.

The GRC-FM has set up a simple and practical operation:

  • The group can be contacted as a whole (grc-fm(at), or through one of its members only (see email addresses opposite)
  • The confidentiality of exchanges is guaranteed, in accordance with the wishes expressed and the legal and regulatory requirements in force.
  • Group members reply as soon as possible.

The HR Division's contact person at the Faculty of Medicine, Ms. Béatrice Saxer Brown, is also available to the Faculty's staff for any questions relating to conflict management.

Respect for scientific integrity - Faculty of Medicine Ombudsman

In accordance with the Organisational Regulations of the Faculty and in addition to the directives of the University, the Dean, after consultation with the Dean's Office, appoints an ombudsman, full or honorary professor at the Faculty of Medicine. The ombudsman acts as an advisor to the dean, to whom any person may turn before lodging a formal complaint with the Rectorate in the event of suspected fraud of any kind (scientific, financial or other), or plagiarism. The ombudsman, after a summary examination of the facts, without carrying out any acts of instruction or receiving the person concerned, denounces the facts to the Rectorate if they consider that there is a possibility that the suspicions are founded. The ombudsman is appointed for a period of 4 years, renewable. A complainant may also choose to report directly to the Rectorate.

For the years 2021-2025, the Ombudsman of the Faculty of Medicine is Professor (Hon) Walter Reith.